BPM Modeling Patterns (Oracle BPM 12c) – http://bit.ly/1rglOBm


It gives me immense pleasure to let you know that my book on “BPM Modeling Patterns” has been released.

Available at all leading stores worldwide, including –




Title – BPM Modeling Patterns (Oracle BPM 12c)

Demonstrate the perceptible regularity in the world of BPMN design and implementation while diving into comprehensive learning path of much awaited Oracle BPM Modeling and implementation patterns where readers will discover the doing rather than reading about the doing! Spectrum of book covers patterns and features from strategic alignment (goals and strategy model) to flow patterns. From conversation, collaboration and correlation pattern to exception handling and management patterns. From human task patterns & business-IT collaboration to adaptive case management and much more.

Description – Oracle BPM Patterns title is an opportunity to demystify various patterns required to be followed while developing a professional BPM solution. . It allows you to fill the GAPS and offers contents which allow you to use BPMN to its full potential. With this title in hand you will gain details and practical experience in using Oracle BPM effectively while using patterns as best practice for implementations. Patterns like split-join, multi-instance, loop, cycle, termination etc allows you to drill into basic and advance flow based patterns. Integration, invocation, interaction and correlation patterns demonstrate collaboration and correlation of BPM with other systems, processes, events and services. Human interaction pattern topic leaves no stone touched in covering task modelling, routing, dispatching, dynamic task assignment, rule-based assignments, list building and other advance topics. Exception handling patterns is a comprehensive guide to model and implement exception handling in Oracle BPM implementation and design. Case management offers details guide to patterns handling unstructured data and unpredictable scenarios. Adaptive case management features and patterns will empower you in developing a milestone oriented, state based, rule-governed, content outbid, event-driven, case management solution. Also witness patterns which brings in enhanced and dynamic Business-IT collaboration. Experience the magic of strategic alignment features which bring close the requirement and analysis gaps and make the organizational activities very much in line with the goals, strategies and objectives.

Who this book is forThis book is an invaluable resource for enterprise architects, solution architects, developers, process analysts, application functional and technical consultants who use business process and BPMN to model and implement enterprise IT applications, SaaS and cloud applications. Primary focus is to showcase BPM patterns which are generic and can be read by anyone allied with any BPM offering and hence if you are associated with any BPM, you can relate with this title.


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