Social BPM – Enabling Enterprise Social Network – Part-1

Enterprise Social Network

 Let’s talk about an Enterprise Social Network and then will take forward how to achieve this through Oracle Product Stake. More and more organizations are looking forward to become and Social Business.

Why? Maybe following are some of the reasons they want to become a Social Business

1.      Collaboration : Collaboration with customers, suppliers, partners and employees can lead to :

  • Feedbacks,
  • Innovation,
  • Engagement
  • Intellectual capital

Enterprise needs feedbacks from customers on their products and there delivering and enabling processes. Guess what, with Social Business, you would have abundant data to analyze on and calculate and cultivate statistics. You would have INFORMATION and SOA enabled BI would get you an insight into details, feedbacks etc.

Imagine that an IDEA raised by a 14 year guy (Minimum Permissible age of some social sites is 13-14) can result into a new product in your portfolio. An IDEA leads to an innovation and guess what if you are not Social Business, you are losing the IDEA. Remember – an IDEA can change the world 🙂

 Engagement – I don’t need to explain the power of customer, suppliers, partners and moreover employees engagement with an enterprise.

 Intellectual capital – You would not always need monetary capital to grow. Intellectual capital is the key for any organization to sustain and grow.

 2.      Agility and Transparency can also be counted into PROS of a Social Business.

 3.      Moreover Social Networking is binging business opportunity and business engagement with employees, customers, supplier and partners into opportunity.

 For enabling Social Networking there exists Social Services(Facebook, Google services, Twitter and LinkedIn)

For Enabling an Enterprise there exist Enterprise Services.

Now to enable Social Business in an Enterprise, enterprise would need to integrate Enterprise Services with Social Services.

Guess what – SOA is there for enabling these integrations 🙂



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