O-COMMERCE : Oracle commerce – What Oracle can achive through F-Commerce

F-Commerce = Facebook + E-Commerce

O-Commerce = Facebook + Oracle Fusion

What you can achieve through it:

Sell goods through Facebook

Route Facebook traffic to ecommerce

There are many who have stores on Facebook like – Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola and star bucks.

What makes Facebook a business platform?

  • Huge audience
  • Audience brings data to reason and analyze on
  • Technology 
  • Loyalty 
  • Brand

Oracle and F-Commerce: O-Commerce solutions

  • Oracle offers collaboration through Web 2.0. 1. Let oracle extend collaboration to  facebook.
  • Let oracle applications customers can develop collaborations through web 2.0 with F-Commerce and offer an O-Commerce solution.
  • This collaboration will allow end-users to collaborate from Facebook
  • Let Oracle SOA integrate with Facebook and brings in orders as order initiator applications and realize those orders in Oracle fusion applications
  • Offer OFA customers, analytical data to make business decisions based on loyalty, branding etc. of Facebook users and there interactions with the customer’s OFA. 
  • Facebook users of customer’s OFA will get authenticated via OFA – IDM solution. OFA security and its policy will take care of rest of the authentication.

Basically Facebook can be Order source, interaction point, commerce enabler and will present oracle’s customer will huge data of users and there inclinations. It’s the inclination of a user which brings in brand value and customers to oracle’s OFA customers and this is O-COMMERCE.

Note : Purely my imagination and I would keep extending it on this blog.


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